Women's circles & individual sessions

In a Yoni meditation we connect the heart intelligence with the Yoni wisdom, we do that through light, physical exercises, dance and "Yoni yoga" before we relax and land on the warm Yoni pillow. We end with a 'sharing circle'. You share what you want to share, no more and no less. You are invited to take good care of yourself at all times.

It is not necessary to sit naked on the pillow to take full advantage of the effect.

Individual sessions with Anna can now take place in a well-ventilated room at a distance of 3 m. Sitting on the Yoni cushion together, the mystical doors open to the stories, which are locked in our lower hip-area and want to be told. Healing is experienced because Anna is familiar with various therapeutic methods from ACT and mindfulness coaching. As a client, you get all the time to be present with the pain and joy that you want to experience in your abdomen while you support the pillow in the process of staying friendly, soft and simply feeling.

Please call in time as soon as symptoms of illness appear, concerning the prevention of spreading of any virus.


"The Divine Feminine is calling. She is calling the inner feminine power that resides within you. She is calling for sisters from all over the planet to reclaim a nurturing and intimate relationship with her. We want to wake up, be courageous and connect with the inner feelings that reside in the powerful women we are.It is time to break through our shame.It is time to move beyond our self-judgment, heal and enjoy.
The Yoni is the most sacred place of every woman and now is the perfect time to reclaim that. "


The pillow also offers young girls the opportunity to discover their pelvic floor as a source of confidence and strength. You gradually experience the abdomen again as what it is in its origin, a source of life, creativity, joy and pleasure.

Afterwards there is the possibility to order the pillow.


qualitytime with yourself