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coming home.

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the divine feminine is calling

it pulls you into you, to who you are

women / wellness / wholeness

Quality time with yourself. Is that also a challenge for you? Most women find that difficult, taking time for yourself, others always seem to take the lead. Yoniheaven's pillow reminds you. A pillow that serves to feed the goddess in yourself. And if you don't want to call it goddess, call it peace, contentment, harmony or whatever comes closest to something calm and peaceful for you right now.

Focusing effortlessly suddenly makes it easier to meditate. The warmth from below your buttocks helps you. to relax and focus, observe your thougths instead of identifying with them. Fun and insight come together. Your whole being is filled with gratitude, spontanously. Just sitting on a pillow you arrive, arrive in heaven ....



The yoniheaven pillow that you can order here is specially designed for the female body and is easy to use. It consists of a mother pillow and a smaller 'baby' pillow. The 'baby' pillow is filled with a natural heat carrier, heated (can be done in your favorite pan or microwave) and placed back in the mother pillow.

It is not necessary to sit naked on the pillow to take full advantage of the effect. Women of all generations are offered hereby the opportunity to discover their pelvic floor as a source of confidence and strength.

Gradually you experience your lower hip-area with the Yoni-pillow again as that which is her origin, a source of life, creativity, joy, forgiveness, trust, energy, lust and pleasure. Your personal V-care, just at home.

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een ervaringsdeskundige

aan het woord

Menou Hanne Fonsien

"this idea of this pillow helps us so much, so beautiful!"

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